29 Organic chemicals

Sub Chapter
2903  Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons.

Sub Heading
290377 -- Other, perhalogenated only with fluorine and chlorine :

29037773 ---- Pentachloro-trifluoro-propane



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Country GroupGroup DescriptionActivityTariff RateUnitValid FromValid To
GENCustoms DutyImportFreekg09-10-201831-12-9999
ICL/SLSIImport Control License/Sri Lanka Standards CertificationImportBkg12-10-201831-12-9999
INIndo-Sri Lanka FTA - Import DutyImportFreekg12-10-201831-12-9999
PKPakistan-Sri Lanka FTA - Import DutyImportFreekg12-10-201831-12-9999
SFAgreement on South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA) - Import DutyImportFreekg12-10-201831-12-9999
SDLeast Developed Countries (LDCs) under SAFTA - Import DutyImportFreekg12-10-201831-12-9999
SGSingapore-Sri Lanka FTAImportFreekg12-10-201831-12-9999
VATValue Added TaxImport15%kg12-10-201831-12-9999
PALPort and Airport Development LevyImport2.5%kg12-10-201831-12-9999
NBTNational Building TaxImport2%kg12-10-201831-12-9999



Name Type Agency Description Comments Law Validity
General Import Control License Licensing Requirement Department of Import and Export Control An import license is required for the importation of chemicals, according to the Import and Export Control Act and its amendment. The import license is issued by the Department of Import and Export Control. The import license requirement is applied to the importation of Insecticides and Pesticide substances, Non-Pesticides Chemicals, Chemicals, Petroleum Products & Lubricants, Radio Active Materials, Alcohol & Spirits, Live Animals & Animal Products, Corn & Maize and Cashew, Vehicles, Fish/Canned Fish, Tea, Explosives and Fire Arms, Coins, Sports Goods, Used Furniture,Sludge Oil , Metal Scraps and Waste, Plastic Food Containers, Western Drugs , Veterinary Medicine, Homoeopathic Drugs, Surgical Equipment,Industrial Chemicals, Mainly Ethyl alcohol (Ethanol) and Allied Products and Methanol Ethyl alcohol as an Ingredient for Alcohol, Perfumes and Allied Products, Other Industries and Laboratory Tests Imports and Exports (Control) Act (Acts No. 1 of 1969; No. 48 of 1985; No. 28 of 1987) 31-12-9999


Name Description Category View Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
General Import Control License Department of Import and Export Control: Procedure for obtaining the General Import Control License Import View


Name Type Agency Description Comments Law Validity
Import Prohibition Prohibited Goods Department of Import and Export Control Specified goods are prohibited from importation. The importation of goods specified in Schedule IV of the Gazette No.1813/14 dated June 5, 2013 are prohibited from any country. Gazette (Extraordinary) No 1813/14 dated June 5, 2013 to the Imports and Exports (Control) Act No.1 of 1969 31-12-9999