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Measures (Trade in Goods)

A measure is a specific import or export requirement that applies to a commodity or to certain types of products. Typically a measure requires permits or licenses to be obtained from the relevant government agency prior to importing or exporting the goods. You can find out what measures are currently in force by using the search feature below.

Special Requirements

By using the search facilities below you will also be able to look up any generic requirements associated with specific commodities or products, such as the need to register to import certain products.

Measures type
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NameEnforced ByTypeValidity FromValidity To
Export Service Fee waiver(SFW) allowance for exhibition ExportsNational Gem & Jewelry AuthorityGeneral10-04-201831-12-9999
Requirements for export of Fresh Coconuts / King CoconutsCoconut Development Authority General30-10-197131-12-9999
Issuing Vat & Duty Waivers recommendation letters by NMRA National Medicines Regulatory Authority General08-05-201831-12-9999
Applying for a CoO for GSP (Japan,Russian Federation,Turkey,Norway, Switzerland,USA,Canada,Australia,New Zeland,Belarus and Kazkastan)Department of CommerceGeneral23-05-201831-12-9999
Bonding Procedure- To-bond ( Acceptance of goods ) Sri Lanka Ports AuthorityGeneral18-06-201831-12-9999
Ex-bond ( Delivery of goods ) Sri Lanka Ports AuthorityGeneral18-06-201831-12-9999
Import Containers (FCL ) delivery procedure Sri Lanka Ports AuthorityGeneral18-06-201831-12-9999
Import LCL Delivery Procedure - SLPASri Lanka Ports AuthorityGeneral18-06-201831-12-9999
Inquiry Procedure for Cargo Damages & LossesSri Lanka Ports AuthorityGeneral18-06-201831-12-9999
Multi Country Consolidation Procedure of SLPASri Lanka Ports AuthorityGeneral18-06-201831-12-9999
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