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Procedure NameSummary
Plant Import Permit National Plant Quarantine Service: This procedure applies for plant import permit approved by National Plant Quarantine Service
Bulk import of Mobile Phones or DevicesThis is the procedure for the bulk importation of Mobile Phones or Devices.
Importer's Proxy Application This is the procedure to submit an Importer's proxy
Registration of individual vehicle importers (Permit holders)Registration of individual Vehicle Importers with a permit to customs
Registration of individual Vehicle Importers other than Permit holders Following original documents with photocopies should be submitted. Application details should be uploaded to Sri Lanka Customs ASYCUDA system through a Custom House Agent before submitting documents for processing (Exempted for first vehicle import).
Registration as an Importer of Radioactive Materials / Sources or Equipment containing Radioactive Materials / SourcesAn importer must register as an importer with the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Regulatory Council.
Procedure for Approval for import of X-ray machines / Irradiating apparatusImportation of X-Ray machines must be authorized by the Atomic Regulatory Council.
Re-registration of pesticidesThis is the procedure for re-registration of pesticides
Importation of pesticidesThis is the procedure for Importation of pesticides
Importation of Soil This is the procedure to obtain the permit for Importation of Soil
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