Legal Document

Title: Registration Of Importers & Exporters with customs
Type: Guideline
Issuing Agency: Customs Department
Responsible Agency: Customs Department
Issuing Date: 01-01-1870


All importers and exporters should operate as follows: (1-4).

1. Visit the official website of and go to "DOWNLOAD" at the "TIN / VAT REGISTRATION" field.

2. Click on the "Importer / Exporter Registration" dialog box and download the application and complete the application.

3. Put photographs of all the  owners of your company in a pen drive.

4. hand over the Wharf Clerk who is incharge of your organization's clearance and clearing operations both the completed application form and the Pen Drive containing the relevant details

Wharf Clerk should follow as  below.

1. Accept both the Pen Drive included in the completed application, provided by importers and exporters.

2. Visit the website and click on the link "How to Register Importers & Exporters in Asycuda" under "Recent News".

3. Then the document with instructions will be downloaded. Follow the steps in the document and include the details of the importers and exporters and the Asycuda System.

4. After the application submitted by the importers and exporters should be submitted to the "TIN / VAT COUNTER"  Reception in the Ground floor for approval .


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